Fleet Management and Asset Tracking

Solutions Fleet, Trailer and Asset Management

Fleet, Trailer and Asset Management

Our fleet, trailer and asset management solutions provide a bird's eye view of all your assets in the field, so you know where they are and what they are doing at any time. Optimize fleet and asset movements to drive costs down, improve driver safety and enhance customer service.

Local Fleet

Fleet Management

Monitor where your drivers are and how they are driving.

  • Track your vehicles in real time
  • Reduce excessive idle time and personal use of vehicles
  • Coach for better, safer, more fuel efficient driving behavior with reports and alerts
  • Simplify and streamline regulatory compliance -- and reduce risk of fines

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Commercial Transportation

Trailer Management

Your commercial operation is a constant balancing act between logistical efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance. Sprint’s trailer management solutions set you up to deliver on all fronts, helping your operation run more smoothly while improving the bottom line.

  • Maximize trailer utilization and Increase turns per trailer
  • Eliminate route deviation and unauthorized trailer use
  • Reduce time spent looking for trailers and manual yard checks
  • Locate lost or stolen trailers quickly

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

If it matters, track it. Make sure it doesn't walk away from a job site. Monitor temperature to eliminate spoilage. Whatever "it" is, our asset tracking solutions let you watch over it from virtually wherever you are.

  • Always know the condition and location of assets
  • Receive alerts when cargo arrives or moves unexpectedly
  • Ensure you are efficiently using what you have
  • Find it quickly if it’s lost or stolen

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