Sprint Data Link and Static IP

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Sprint Data Link and Static IP

Sprint Data Link and Static IP

Two tools, one result: incredibly smart management of your wireless devices.

Truly secure mobile access

With Sprint Data Link℠, your employees can access mission-critical business information on their mobile devices – over a private wireless network. It’s also an invaluable solution for setting up everything from kiosks, temporary offices and lottery terminals, to wireline backup, remote monitoring and home healthcare.

With our 99.9% availability guarantee, and support for a vast array of Sprint 3G and 4G network capable devices, you can extend your business virtually wherever it needs to go. Safely, securely, and productively.

Coverage not available everywhere.

Truly easy device management

Sprint Static IP makes the job of managing remote wireless devices much easier. Whether they’re M2M applications, handsets or tablets, Sprint Static IP will assign the same IP address to a device each time it authenticates and accesses the Internet, so you can track and manage them with ease.

We can also provide you with a contiguous, sequential range or block of IP addresses, enabling you to make short work of device deployment and firewall configuration.

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