Sprint Mobile Hotspot

Sprint Mobile Hotspot

You work and play well with others, so should your phone

Activate the mobile hotspot on your phone and it becomes even more powerful. For just $29.99/month*, connect multiple Wi-Fi®-enabled devices to your hotspot-capable phone and take the Web with you wherever you go. Data usage with your mobile hotspot is limited to 5 GB per month while on the Sprint network. The 5 GB usage limit includes a combination of both 3G and 4G data. Data used over 5 GB will be subject to an overage rate of $0.05 per MB. There is a monthly data allowance of 300 MB while you are off-network roaming. This off-network roaming limit includes a combination of phone and mobile hotspot data usage.

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*Monthly charges exclude taxes, Sprint Surcharges [incl. USF charge of up to 15.3% (varies quarterly), Administrative Charge (up to $1.99/line/mo.), Regulatory Charge ($0.40/line/mo.) & state/local fees by area (approx. 5-20%)]. Sprint Surcharges are not taxes or gov't-required charges and are subject to change. Details: Sprint.com/taxesandfees. Sprint Mobile Hotspot: Optional $29.99 add-on to allow your capable phone to provide data usage for other Wi-Fi enabled devices. No discounts apply. Includes 5GB of on-network data usage and up to 300MB of off-network data usage. 1,024 KB equal 1 MB. 1,024 MB equal 1 GB. Connectivity dependent upon compatibility and speeds may vary. Data Usage Limitation: Sprint reserves the right, without notice, to deny, terminate, modify, disconnect or suspend service if off-network usage in a month exceeds 300 megabytes or a majority of kilobytes. Prohibited network use rules apply. See in-store materials or sprint.com/termsandconditions for specific prohibited uses. Other Terms: Coverage not available everywhere. Offers not available in all markets/retail locations or for all phones/networks. Other restrictions apply.